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About Me


There’s a certain novelty to listening to 2LeeStark’s music, such a phenomena really to be bold yet fun, carefree and ‘vibey’. With every note there is a piece of familiarity and nostalgia that his music brings. His name “2LeeStark” stems from his favourite movie character who he describes as comical, whimsical with an emotional nature much like him, with a love for the limelight.

2LeeStark, who also goes by the name Ndumiso Buthelezi was born in Durban but is essentially a man of the big city (Johannesburg), launched his music career in 2009 in Cape Town with the help of the people over at Head Honcho. Of which in the same year he was featured in Hype magazine and the radio station YFM.

2LeeStark’s journey since matric has had many spirals, from the establishment of him as an academic with an attempt as an LLB student at UCT, to being a Vega graduate in Brand Building and Management in 2012. With a house DJ background during his varsity days, he can now identify himself as a recording artist specializing in rap music with most of his inspiration coming from 340ML. With organic and steady growth in the industry 2LeeStark is fueling a fire with his 2 singles listed on YFM, namely, “BoomBapPlay” & “MNIKE” and his single rooting on ChannelO “Ain’t leaving alone”.

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