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The first single off the heavily anticipated EP. OFF BOYZ is filled with energy and serves as the perfect reflection of life in The North and the lifestyle of going OFF


BARS. Dot Com. Honx The Jedi, Marco Polo. What more could you ask for? Go on and let the BoomBap Play!


Ad ode to the classic 2pac ghetto lovers anthem,a sincere love story between the suburb youngin heading to the hood for a good time and ending up with a lover that will got through all the motions of dating an up and coming and take a trip on this love story…


Self explanatory. Are you Jiggy or Not??? The bounce and bass on the track is provided by the master Tsukudu and it features the cutthroat flows of the knockout man himself Honx The Jedi and the smooth voice of the ever so musically talented Matte Blvck.


The pop chart single collaboration between Isle Of Skye and 2Lee Stark has lead to a smooth and honest song that will take you on a journey that sounds like a drop top with your bae during the summer time. Listen to the jam and transform yourself to the next feel good desination for the day.


MNIK’ UNTIL UNTIL. This smash hit produced by Shaolin was the rise of 2Lee Stark’s career as a banger performer. Going the whole way, like every performance, the song aims to bring out the fun in any situation. Get down and dirty and press play! #MNIKE.


Originally pinned up to be the break through verse for 2Lee Stark, due to certain complications, his verse was changed for the purpose of the song being released. Because Sliqe and Stark are peoples though, we get to hear what the verse would have sounded by means of the #NoMercy release.